You have a great idea but are asking the question, how to get that idea to market quickly and at a justifiable cost while providing some wow factor? R&D Prototype is here to assist you with what you need!

We will create a physical model with the highest quality, best price, and the quickest delivery time in the industry. The models we provide are used for fit and function testing and the marketing of your part or assembly. We provide 3D file creation if one is needed, or we can use your existing part file designs to create physical prototype models. If you are looking solely for a physical model, we provide the expertise needed to choose the right additive manufacturing process and materials that best suit your project.

We provide 3D printing (FDM), Stereolithography (SLA), and soft tooling silicone molds from which urethane parts are cast. CNC machining of metals and plastics are available through R&D/Leverage. These processes enable R&D Prototype to fill any need or material type request you may have. Our paint department can color match pantone transparent and opaque colors; whereas, our molded urethane parts can be molded in color.

Let’s get started today!


  • A 3D part file - Let us know if you have a 3D file or will require our service for one.
  • How many parts or assemblies are needed?
  • Color and surface finish – clear, natural, gloss, matte light texture, satin.
  • End use for prototype – are you looking for durability testing or show model for focus group studies and marketing of your product? This aides in our material choice for your parts to ensure you get the best material at the best price.
  • Surface finish level – We have four surface finish levels that range in cost from Level 1 to Level 4.

LEVEL 1 – Removal of supports and light bead blast.

LEVEL 2 – Support removal and light sanding (some layer lines still on surface) and bead blast.

LEVEL 3 – Supports removed and all layer lines removed ready for paint.

LEVEL 4 – All supports and layer lines removed and part is painted per your needs.